Open Design is a social enterprise and a Not for Profit Company (NPC)

Since its inception in 2013 Open Design hosted 523 events. This included over a 100 education related events; 111 workshops and master classes to improve skills;

159 talks featuring 795 local and international change-makers, innovators and entrepreneurs; 53 exhibitions; 150 networking events and

supported and showcased more than 300 small, media and micro-enterprises.  

At Open Design we belief that innovation, education and community are the building blocks of a sustainable, inclusive, prosperous society. Design is the unifying thread that links

the building blocks and solutions to develop a better future world. One of Cape Town’s most dynamic design and innovation events, the Open Design Festival

brings these concepts together. The 10-day programme takes place across various venues in the City of Cape Town and in different communities creating various cross-cultural

experiences that also inspire social cohesion and nation building.

We’re always looking to build strong partnerships to extend the sustainable success of the Open Design Festival. If you’d like to partner with us get in touch.

Below is a list of events that made-up our festival in 2017.


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