Biomimicry – Learn from Nature!

Sat 19 2017 @ 11:00 - 12:30
  • Venue:   75 Harrington street
  • Event Host:   Cape Town Biomimicry Network
  • Admission:   Free!
  • Contact: Nick Talbot,

About the event:


And if you know little about Biomimicry then that is an even greater reason to join us for a fascinating morning.

The Cape Town Biomimicry Network will be hosting a meet and greet with some of our members as part of Open Design Festival.



“bios” – life, “mimesis” – imitate/copy

the process of:

– looking at how different forms of nature overcome daily challenges,
– studying the genius natural design of the form/process/systems in place,
– and then translating it into innovative ways to improve society, business or the environment!

Many have touted the 21st Century as the “Ecological Age”. And with around 4 billion years of experience, nature has perfected techniques to address everyday problems. Water, Energy, Traffic, Food, Software, Health, Architecture, Industry, Communications; have all seen advances in recent years after learning from nature through Biomimicry.

Biomimicry goes further than sustainability. It shows us that we can achieve more socially/environmentally friendly practices AND more effective systems. Teaching us how to thrive by creating conditions conducive to life – working with natural forces rather than against them.

Check out this video, the ideal way to start learning about Biomimicry:

Biomimicry can benefit people from all professions, and in all of our daily lives. So meet our members and ask any questions you might have! Drinks and snacks provided!

This event is hosted by the Cape Town Biomimicry Network – a regional branch of BiomimicrySA

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Location: 75 Harrington street
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75 Harrington street, Cape Town