Game Technology Day

Fri 25 2017 @ 09:00 - 13:00
  • Venue:   Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Art
  • Event Host:   Lars Espeter
  • Admission:   free
  • Contact: Lars Espeter,

About the event:

Join us for a Fun Day at Game Day! See full programme below

Today, the technologies used in the creation of digital entertainment is being applied to many other areas, including medical research, psychotherapy, architecture, engineering, social planning, education and many others.

Now more than ever, strategists, managers, business owners, teachers and government officials need to understand the impact “game” technology can have on careers for young South Africans and South African businesses when used correctly.

During the course of our Game Technology Day, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these new trends, and learn from industry experts on how this technology can help you in your business, and what it takes to implement it.

The schedule will feature industry expert talks, a panel discussion and time to experience some of the technologies that will be discussed,


Schedule, Speakers and Panel members

09.30 am Dr. Elizabeth Barclay, Western Cape Government – Introduction

10.00 am Murray Walker, Visualization Specialist, Aurecon – Virtual Reality in Traditional Industries

10.30 am Sam Beckbessinger, Gamification Specialist – The Benefits of Gamification

11.00 am Glenn Gillis, Managing Director, Seamonster – The Importance of Serious Games

11.30 am ‘Game Technology outside Entertainment’ Panel with the speakers

12.00 am Exhibition

Location: Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Art
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186 Bree Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001