Lavender Hill: Learning in Reach presents: Feature film: Miss Representation

Sun 20 2017 @ 14:00 - 16:30
  • Venue:   Levana Primary School Hall
  • Event Host:   Learning in Reach & Open Design
  • Admission:   Free entry
  • Contact: Leanne Reid,

About the event:



Learning in Reach, in collaboration with Open Design Cape Town, will present a free screening of the film “Miss Representation”. This will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Join us for an eye-opening look at how society portrays women and girls in mainstream media and leadership roles.


The media is selling young people the idea that girls’ and women’s value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality and not in their capacity as leaders. Boys learn that their success is tied to dominance, power, and aggression. We must value people as whole human beings, not gendered stereotypes.

We’ll be asking:

  • What impact does this have on women, and in particular women of colour?
  • What are the changes you would want to see happen in communities on the Cape Flats, including Lavender Hill?
  • How we can use this to redesign our communities on the Cape Flats, including Lavender Hill?
  • What can you do as an individual, NGO, media representative or business to increase positive representation?

VENUE: Levana Primary School Hall, Lavender Hill

Strictly no under 18s.

Light refreshments will be on sale.

Watch the trailer here 




I would urge any parent, teacher – or media executive – to watch Miss Representation.Gillian Tett, Financial Times

Seventy-three percent of students said watching Miss Representationchanged their opinion about the way in which women are represented in the media. After seeing the film, sixty-one percent of students reported speaking up when seeing or hearing something derogatory towards women.REACT to FILM Survey

Sharing Miss Representation with our employees was a powerful experience. The film. . .generated an active dialogue. . .and empowered our employees to speak out when they see things that need to change. This film raises critical issues facing our society today, and I would encourage other companies to become part of this important conversation.Tracy Layney, VP of Global HR Strategy, Technology & Operations, Gap, Inc.

As a [white] male in my 50’s [Miss Representation] made me painfully aware of the way we have mistreated women. . .our ‘male‘ collective behavior has created an. . .environment marked by a lack of integrity, fairness, and professionalism. This, in my opinion, is an environment that must change. I feel the need to be one male that steps forward to help with that change. Did I enjoy this? Not really. Did I need this exposure? Absolutely. More men need to be exposed to this film. Too many men like myself have gone far too long without seeing both sides of the themes brought forward in Miss Representation. Time for us to wake up.Employee at Charles Schwab Screening, Denver, CO

This powerful movie is not only educational, it’s entertaining, sometimes shocking, and really quite inspiring. Since our screening, I’ve heard a viewer talk about starting a media literacy campaign in her local community, another plans to run for office, and countless others plan to share this film with their friends, families, and most importantly, teenage daughters and sons. It’s more than a movie; it’s starting a movement.Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, Atlanta Independent Women’s Network

This movie really helped me to better understand many of the difficulties women face today. It provides striking and insightful examples of inequalities suffered by women from the perspectives of both men and women.Meelap, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Student

Location: Levana Primary School Hall
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Depsiton Cres, , Lavender Hill, Retreat, South Africa