TALK100 Session Two

Sun 13 2017 @ 12:00 - 13:00
  • Venue:   Auditorium, Cape Town City Hall, cnr Darling Street and Corporation Street
  • Event Host:   Open Design
  • Admission:   Free entry
  • Contact: Open Design,

About the event:

TALK100 Session Two: 12:00 – 13:00  

Where ordinary citizens share their thoughts of the importance and impact of Design and Creativity in their world and the world of others. 

While Art is about self expression the core of Design is about improving peoples lives. Its also about business and understanding how to use your creative skills to add value to a business, environments, products, systems and even in services like healthcare, education, transport and more.

Join us for an exciting and heartwarming conversation with Dr Sobhaka Chrisenduth a medical doctor practicing in Kimberley; Chris Rowland who will share the profound journey of his son Samuel, who have an undiagnosed condition that renders him profoundly disabled,  in collaboration with Sonja & Cris Higham from Speak2Me and how they are using technology to open a new and exciting world for Sam. Speak2Me uses special technology to create an inclusive world for physically and/or mentally disabled individuals through communication. 

Speakers for TALK100 Session Two:

  • Dr Sobhaka Chrisenduth says “Design and healthcare should not be mutually exclusive for the simple reason that optimal treatment of complex human beings requires a cross-pollination of various fields and disciplines for deeper understanding. Being able to take ideas and transform them into something tangible is life-affirming”.  
  • Chris Rowland and his wife Anita, both from the creative industry, often have to resort to creative solutions to create the best environment for Samuel in which to thrive, learn, and grow. Samuel has recently started using a communication device that tracks his eye movement and allows him to interact with software.
  • Sonja & Cris Higham from Speak2Me believe it is important to integrate technology into their client’s lives to provide a far richer quality of life.

Venue: Main auditorium

Entrance on Corporation Street



Location: Auditorium, Cape Town City Hall, cnr Darling Street and Corporation Street
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